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  • Datin Noor Azimah Abd Rahim

Stand firm against teachers who assault and victimise students

We refer to "Teacher throws chair nearly breaks boy's head" (Star 21/4/17). PAGE views this incident very seriously. Irrespective of the reason that may have triggered the teacher's rage, nothing could possibly justify the teacher flinging a chair at an 8 year old child. Any person that can go into a fit of rage and fling a chair at an 8 year old child should not in any way be fit to be teaching children. It is imperative that the school and the ministry take this matter very seriously. We stand firm that teachers who assault/bully/threaten/victimise students sexually, verbally or physically should be kept away from students immediately pending investigation. Once the teacher is found guilty he/she should be fired. This should be regardless if parents will pursue the case or otherwise and whether or not teacher shows remorse. Results of the investigation should also be made public for purposes of transparency and not undermine the rest of the good teachers in the country. Parents too should not be afraid to press charges. They should also not fear that their children will further fall victim as a consequence. Children have a right to be protected from irresponsible adults.



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