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  • Datin Noor Azimah Abd Rahim

Establish RCI on Tahfiz boy's death

PAGE urges the government to form a Royal Commission of Inquiry or an independent task force in light of the death of Mohd Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi. We wish to see a thorough assessment of the teachers, teaching qualifications & skills, quality of staff, curriculum, co-curriculum, living conditions, safety standards, religious leanings & sources of funding of the Madrasah Tahfiz Al Jauhar, Kota Tinggi, Johor. It should then extend its reach to state religious departments where such private tahfiz schools register with before they begin to operate. We would like to know the extent of its scope of responsibility. Every tahfiz school should then undergo a similar assessment as recommended above until a level of satisfaction is achieved or cease operations. We are appalled that the beating of students by teachers & staff or other students in the past appears to be the norm in some schools. We categorically detest & abhor this inhumane practice which has been openly condoned by teachers, staff & students alike. Authorities have to be pro-active. It is always a death that will shake the authorities into action. The Ministry of Education too has to check abuses of children in their schools. It is unfortunate that the untimely death of Mohd Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi has to serve as a lesson to all concerned.



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