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  • Kong See Hoh, The Sun

More focus on DLP better than bringing back English-medium schools: Educator

PETALING JAYA: National Union of Head of Schools president Wong Shee Fatt believed that focusing on what is already in place, such as the Dual Language Programme (DLP), is better than bringing back English-medium schools, for the purpose of enhancing English proficiency among students.

He said reinstating English-medium schools will impact on private schools, international schools, as well as Chinese primary schools, China Press, reported today.

Wong pointed out that at present, 97% of Chinese parents send their children to Chinese primary schools.

Making English schools accessible to them may cause Chinese primary schools to lose some pupils, he said when asked by the daily to comment on recent calls by some quarters to reinstate English-medium schools.

Asked about the standard of English among pupils in Chinese primary schools, Wong said those in urban areas can achieve a proficiency level of 70 to 80%.

He said the Education Ministry will implement a new measure to boost English proficiency in schools next year, adding that it is also training teachers involved in DLP to improve their teaching skills.

Wong was optimistic that the new measure will yield positive results.



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