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Parents urge govt not to scrap dual language programme

PETALING JAYA: Parents generally want the Dual Language Programme (DLP) to be continued in schools to ensure that their children do not lose out on learning English.

Postponing the DLP would be a step backwards, say some, pointing out that the programme was effective in improving the English language skills of children.

“I can see my children having more confidence now speaking in English. They follow me to work whenever they are free or on holidays and I encourage them to interact with the people I meet.

“Previously, when they were asked questions, they would only give short answers in English,” said Michael Yip, father to a 15-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl.

“We have made our choice that we want DLP for our children. Please retain it.”

In George Town, parents worry over the fate of the DLP, saying it would affect the children’s academic performance.

Businesswoman Helen Lim, 42, said the uncertainty caused jitters among parents, especially those who still send their children for Science and Mathematics classes in English.

A property firm staff Hussain Abdul Kadir, 53, said he was not aware if the DLP was postponed.

“The Education Ministry should inform the schools as soon as possible, as we need to prepare the children,” said Hussain, whose daughter is in Year Five.

In Kuching, Rita Samuel, 49, said three of her four children had greatly benefited from using English to learn Maths and Science.

“My children are well-versed in English and they have achieved good results in Maths and Science using English.

“Maybe the preferred language to learn the subjects should be made optional to students instead of scrapping the DLP altogether,” she said.

Learning English, she said, should be promoted as it was an international language.



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