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Anti-DLP group does not speak for the majority, say parents

PETALING JAYA: The “group ­representing parents of children at SJK(T) Vivekananda, Petaling Jaya” does not represent the majority of parents who want the Dual Language Programme (DLP) to continue at the school.

According to some parents, the group’s action had caused the programme to be suspended.

About 30 parents of Year One and Year Four pupils lodged 24 police reports on Friday, insisting that the small group of four parents and school board members does not speak for most of the parents.

On Jan 5, the anti-DLP group lodged reports against Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia (PAGE) chairman Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahman, asking her to stop commenting on the implementation of the DLP at the school pending the decision of a judicial review.

“The majority of us, who want the DLP, want to make sure that our voices are heard loud and clear,” he said.

Vijayesvaran said the Education Ministry issued a circular in the first week of the new term, stating that the DLP could go on in schools but not at SJK(T) Vivekananda.

The DLP is now on hold at the school “until further notice”.

The group was accompanied by lawyer Yuvaraj Sugapathy on Friday.

The anti-DLP group had affected the rights of the students and caused the programme to be suspended, said Yuvaraj.

The anti-DLP group filed a judicial review last September after the school’s former headmistress went against the board and Parent-Teacher Association’s decision not to implement the programme.

The case will be heard at the Kuala Lumpur High Court next month.



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